Mark Fenner and Damian Mason
FTP Trainings Mark Fenner and Associate coach Damian Mason are the creators of the Watts Factory. They are State and National level Masters Riders with multiple titles between them from Road to Time trials and MTB. They are also CA qualified coaches dealing with a wide range of clients from Euro Pros to local club D grader. Between them they bring over 15 years of knowledge to racing and training with Power. They not only use the products we sell but they also instruct others on their use. The Watts Factory’s mission is to ensure you get the most out of racing and training with Power.
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“At the Watts Factory in everything we do we believe in challenging the status Quo – we believe in thinking differently and we believe in making a difference in your life.

We will leave no stone unturned or avenue untravelled to unlock your ultimate performance. The Watts Factory can provide you with the latest power related tools and products and the support necessary to make your goals a reality.”